Creators of Luck & Mutts

Angie Boothman

Lindsay O'Brien

Every Luck & Mutts bandana is handmade with the highest level of quality workmanship by Angie & Lindsay, co-workers in the pet industry that wanted to add to the line of products available for our cherished dogs. Each a dog owner, Angie has a Portuguese Water Dog named Murphy and Lindsay has an Australian Shepherd named Sage; had difficulty finding well made dog friendly bandanas.

Angie grew up with a menagerie of pets and has had a passion for animals ever since! Attending university in Northern Ontario introduced her to outdoors, and ever since then she can't get enough whether camping, hiking, fishing or swimming in the many lakes in Ontario! Angie needed a dog that could keep up with her desire to spend as much time as possible outdoors, that is when Murphy a Portuguese water dog entered her life.

Lindsay a country girl at heart, comes from an equestrian background, riding Hunter since she was 5, riding requires dedication, professionalism and commitment; these principles have carried on throughout her life. The equestrian world also prides itself on very high quality horse related items (tack) this translated into a desire to only want to create the best dog accessories. If not at the barn attending to her horse Gracie with her dog Sage tagging along, Lindsay can be found spending time in rural Niagara.

Angie and Lindsay met at their job in the pet industry and both share a focus on animal care, nutrition, training and dog accessories! Both were looking for high quality dog bandanas that could keep up with their active dogs whether hiking, swimming, rolling in the mud or cuddling on the couch, this led to the creation of Luck & Mutts.


Pack Members

Luck & Mutts loves our Pack Members!! Each one of them help spread the word about our expanding brand and positively represent Luck & Mutts. If you love your dog and love Luck & Mutts products and would be willing to take photographs of your dog wearing a Luck & Mutts product please contact us! We would love to explain the ins and outs of being a Luck & Mutts Pack Member! We also host contests a couple times a year on Instagram looking for new Models. Below are current Luck & Mutts Pack Members! You can follow their adventures on Instagram. 

Murphy & Molly the PWD

Owner: Angie and Mike

IG: @murphy.the.pwd

Sage the Australian Shepherd

Owner: Lindsay

IG: @sage.aussie

Ares the German Shepherd

Owner: Samantha

IG: @ares.shep

Ahsoka and Penny

Owner: Billie Jo

IG: @ahsoka&pen

Ragnar & Lagertha the Pugs

Ragnar has been with us since we launched Luck and Mutts. Ragnar and his sister, Lagertha are little pugs with BIG adventures, and we can not get enough of their life! Check out these 2 amazing pugs on Instagram.

IG: @ragnarpugventures

Luck & Mutts are environmentally conscious, as outdoor enthusiasts their goal is to leave the smallest footprint on the earth as possible. One small way they are helping is through recycling, the leather that is used on all of their bandanas that helps brand the bandana as Luck & Mutts, comes from a leather factory in Burlington, called The Shoppery.  This leather is the leftover scraps from the production of purses and other high end leather goods. In exchange for the leather, Angie and Lindsay on behalf of the leather producer and Luck and Mutts make a donation to a local animal shelter