A DOG's Tail

How Luck & Mutts Began

It all started when...

Luck & Mutts is the result of the combined efforts of two entrepreneurial women who work hard and play even harder, Angie and Lindsay from the Niagara Region. Both animal lovers who work in the pet supply industry saw a void in the niche market of dog clothing accessories/pet gear in regards to high quality dog bandanas.

Dog bandanas are the ideal way to dress up your smaller or mid sized dog with an accent or frill, additionally for those large breed dog owners the bandanas can be used to catch the drool from man's best friend!

Luck & Mutts dog accessory company featuring canine friendly bandanas are all handmade and the patterns and material reflect the latest fashion trends resulting in designer dog accessories! Additionally dog accessory must haves are available to celebrate seasons and holidays such as Thanksgiving/Halloween, Christmas, Canada Day, weddings and everything in between.

Luck and Mutts bandanas come in various sizes to fit your breed of dog, attach simply with snaps, are machine washable, and custom dog bandana orders are available.

Why The Name Luck & Mutts

A question that is frequently asked is why did you choose the name Luck & Mutts? Its pretty simple we combined the words:

Luck [luhk], noun. Definition of Luck:
1. A force that brings good fortune; advantages or success.
2. The force that seems to operate for good in a persons life, as in shaping circumstances, events or opportunities(which we feel dogs bring to every person they encounter),

& a slang word for dog;

Mutt [muht] noun Slang. Definition of Mutt:
1. A dog especially a mongrel.
2. A dog of unknown ancestry
(all dogs whether pure bred, mixed breed or unknown breed is unique and loveable!).

These two words were simply combined to create Luck & Mutts.