Meet and Greet Take 3!

Last and definitely not least is Blizzard!

Blizzard is a 5 year old Bernedoodle. Now he isn’t your typical pupper … if you Google Bernedoodle his sweet face will pop up on your browser! 


He is a handsome devil and draws attention everywhere he goes.  His mom says that he is a big goof! His ever present eyebrows and muppet coat make him look like a character out of a children’s book!

He’s a new Luck and Mutts ambassador but he’s no newbie in front of the camera! He has modeled for Shedrow dog coats (Bark & Fitz). He has also been featured in the show Pet Guide in the Bernedoodle segment. Most recently Blizzard is featured on the cover of the 2019 Dog Page a Day calendar! 

He has recently decided that he loves to swim and tried dock diving this summer! He can be found adventuring in Oakville, Ontario with his family and all his many friends! 

 We are honoured to have him apart of our team and finding yet another amazing Canadian Pup to love! 


 Follow all his amazing adventures @BlizzardBernedoodle on instagram

Meet and Greet Take 2!

Up Next is the ever handsome Barak!


Barak, a Purebred Boxer, was born in May 2012 in Woodlawn, Ontario. He lives with his person and other four-legged friends Ottawa. Barak is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club as MBISS GCH Ringside Baco Noir. The prefix in front of his name indicates that he is a Multiple Best in Specialty Show Winner and is also a Canadian Grand Champion. Barak retired from the show ring in December 2012, ranking as the #6 boxer in Canada that year. He really loved the show ring.

His call name, Barak, means blessing and he truly is. He gets along with everybody. He knows he’s ridiculously handsome and loves to pose for the camera. His favourite place in the world is anywhere his person is. He is a raw-fed dog and is also a Brand Ambassador for Big Country Raw. He gets super excited when he gets his Luck and Mutts Bandana on.  "C’mon Mom let’s go! Adventure awaits.”


Be sure to follow him on Instagram @barak_cdngch_boxer

Let's talk TICKS

EM™ Tick Collars and Bracelets

Let’s talk TICKS! 

Yuck we know how terrible these creatures are, they are running our lives these days dictating where we can adventure and where we feel we have to avoid because the ticks are too bad. Living in Southern Ontario we have great hiking trails but we also have an excess of TICKS. 


Using the usual preventives seem to only do so much. The vet products as well as the essential oils do usually work but we’ve found something that is working great as well. It’s a more natural preventive with out the harshness of chemicals and the smells of essential oils.



Now that being said we do agree that this product should be used with your regular tick preventives. It doesn’t work the same for all dogs and people and is not 100% guaranteed.  


We’ve been testing these bracelets and dog collars all summer long with amazing results. Sage and Lindsay were both regularly picking ticks off themselves. Sage was collecting 3-4 ticks a day at the farm on the property and out hiking. Lindsay had 3 on herself as well. (a scary thing when Lyme is so prevalent these days) Since wearing the EM™ Tick products neither of them have had a single tick on them! 


How they work?


EM™ ceramics are made by fermenting special clay with approximately 80 different microorganisms (EM) and then they are baked in high heat. Effective Microorganisms Ceramic beads emit Far Infrared Rays, which are compatible with human and animal tissue. These rays remove blood cell clusters which improves blood circulation AND create an environment in your dog and yourself that keeps the ticks away! 


How to wear?



For best results it is recommended that the products be worn 24/7. To see the most optimal results it could take up to 4 weeks to get the body to have the environment change. 


We are almost back into heavy tick season again. Tick thrive in cooler temperatures, this summer in Southern Ontario has been very dry and HOT in recent weeks the rain has returned and some cooler temps. With that we are expecting the ticks to surface again, this is making now the best time to list these products! 


NOTE Please be aware these dog collars are NOT for walking they are used as an accessory to be worn with your regular collar. Please do NOT attach your leash to any of these collars. Results do vary depending on dog and human and are not guaranteed. We do recommend regular checks for your dog and yourself after any outings where ticks are prevalent. Uses of essential oils and other Tick preventives are still useful. 

Radio Silence

Hello Friends! 

We’ve been a little quiet lately our schedules have been very busy as well as we’ve been trying to enjoy some time with our pups and friends while the summer weather continues. 

Don’t worry though we haven’t forgotten about everyone and we know FALL is right around the corner. We’ve currently marked down all summer styles to only $10 for a limited time while we prep our FALL collection. Those of you waiting for it, trust us it’s going to be so worth the wait! We are already in love. 

As a company we have decided to change how we are doing our lines a bit. Right now we are releasing different styles through out the year and the seasons. Going forward we are going to be doing “Collections” this will allow more stock of each item as well as better size selection. 

What’s coming?

Our first true FALL collection. Included in this will be between 8-15 plaids. Some will be coming with the option of matching human scarfs. These were so popular last year get yours as soon as they are listed! 

When should you expect the release? 

We are pushing for a release September 1st. 

Much love,

Angie, Murphy, Lindsay and Sage

Luck and Mutts 

How it all began...

We began our journey in November of 2016 by going live on facebook and instagram. By starting Luck and Mutts we didn’t know what too expect, and let us tell you…its been one amazing journey! 

We have such a passion for animals - from training, nutrition, care and accessories. Murphy and Sage are our dogs and much as we love a good cuddle with our pups, we love the outdoors; swimming, hiking, finding mud puddles, and hanging at the beach or at the farm. This is how Luck and Mutts Developed. We could not find a quality bandana that could stand up to all the activities we love doing with our dogs. So, we took matters into our own hands, and created a bandana using quality materials with modern and trendy patterns. Each bandana has a snap to ensure they stay on, and are custom in sizing, from our smallest dogs, to our “moose” sized dogs! 

It has been a learning curve for us. Facebook and Instagram has helped build our brand and customer base. We are so thankful for all the love and support we have received. We love posting photos of our bandanas, our dogs being our models, and being able to see all of your dogs, cats, and even chickens in our bandanas. Our business is growing with orders, locally and internationally,  and we know it can be sometimes difficult to shop on Facebook or Instagram. 


Say Hello to !!  Your one stop shop for Luck and Mutts Bandanas and accessories. We have teamed up with Melissa Marshall who has been a great friend, and supporter of Luck and Mutts. She has helped us build our brand and now website. Melissa understands who we are, and what we want Luck and Mutts to be. is a place where you will be able to shop our bandanas from beginning to end - Explore, Shop and Purchase. Not only will it be a place to shop, but be a place to learn about us, read about different topics through our blogs, see cute customers, learn about brand rep opportunities, where you can find us, and upcoming events we will be at!

Our customers, 2 & 4 Legged mean everything to us, and everyday we are learning and growing. Any questions or comments, we are here to listen! We are very excited about the future of luck and mutts! 

Stay tuned for new designs, product, and upcoming events we will be at!! 

Luck & Mutts Blog

Welcome to the Luck & Mutts blog, a great place to learn not only about the current fashion trend in doggy bandanas but all things dog related! New products, trends, flea and tick prevention, treat recipes and more. What is unique about this blog is that it is unique to the Niagara Region including Niagara Falls, Welland, St. Catharines, Niagara on the Lake and beyond featuring Niagara Region pet activities, hiking trails and where to find Luck & Mutts. The goal of the Luck & Mutts blog is to inform readers about their endearing dogs, and ultimately to increase awareness of the Luck & Mutts brand.