This is what our four legged friends owners have to say about Luck & Mutts bandanas and other dog accessories.

Thank you so much!! The Bandanas are absolutely perfect and exactly the colours/styles that Hawk wears. The Best quality bandanas I have seen!!

Tatiana, Randy & Hawk Houser


Hawk houser

You can follow Hawk and all his adventures on Instagram: @hawk.houser

Thanks for the Best Quality Bandanas! Oda is 19 months old PWD, female, on the top of that she is a service dog ( hearing dog) Oda's breeder is Big Bay PWD ( Lorraine Wilson)
Eva and Oda

Luck and Mutts Bandana: Happy Harvest

We are a small family run business that loves to support other small local companies. Being dog friendly and with five dogs who get a lot of attention at the winery, we try hard to keep them looking great while also have them bringing attention to handmade products like that from Luck and Mutts. The bandanas hold up to everything our dogs put them thru on the farm such as constant visits to the pond, horse paddock and most importantly each other pulling and biting constantly.The quality is perfect for rugged farm life while also cute enough for every dog in the pack! 

Britney Condotta Honsberger Estate Winery


We absolutely love Luck and Mutts Bandanas!  The styles they have are so nice and are always changing. I love how durable they are, and the snap to keep them on is key.  The fact that they are soo easy to clean is a bonus too!  Our pup Harvey just looks so handsome in them, it's hard to not keep buying new ones. Thanks Luck and Mutts, you girls ROCK!

Vanessa & Harvey

You can Follow Harvey the Lab on Instagram! @harveythelab

As the owner of a Boston Terrier, Bug, who is sweet enough to put up with the abundance of pet accessories and toys I buy for her, finding Luck & Mutts bandanas was a huge bonus! The immense variety of patterns and sizes available ensures that Bug is always outfitted in the latest fashion! As soon as I ask Bug if she wants her bandana she runs towards me and wants to wear it. I also found that the bandanas were very well made and the fact that they can be washed is an added bonus.

Melissa Marshall Red Door Photography & Design

I love my Luck & Mutts Bandanas! When it comes to pet bananas you can not beat the selection of fashionable prints and high-quality fabrics that Luck & Mutts has to offer.  Each one of my bandanas have been Trail Tested throughout the Canadian Rockies. They have proven to be well made and durable! They wash and wear fantastically and most importantly they keep my pup looking stylish.

Alethea & Ragnar

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